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From our physical offices in Kirkintilloch GLASGOW we’re expanding online. You can now find RAD Software on the following sites;



Made in Scotland – The Scottish Manufacturing network

RAD Software and Epicor on Linked In

We’re keen to seek out new conversations and clients, support our existing partners and spread the word to manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors in Glasgow, Scotland and the wider UK about our Epicor ERP ERP provisions.

Feel free to say hello wherever you come across us!


The Scottish food industry and the horsemeat scandal


With details still emerging about the scale and specifics of the horsemeat scandal, it’s worth considering how the furore has affected the Scottish food industry.Richard Lochhead, the Rural Affairs Secretary is adamant that there is no cause for concern about the quality or constitution of Scottish meat:”

“To date, we have had only one positive test in the public sector in Scotland and results for the whole of the food industry announced on Friday showed there have only been six new positive tests across the UK in the last week of testing.

“In the food processing sector in Scotland 96 per cent of the inspections of meat processing premises have now been carried out, with no evidence to date of horse meat food fraud occurring in food manufacturing in Scotland.”

As advertisements from the Scottish meat industry pop up, extolling the virtues of local product, perhaps the implications of the horse meat scandal will prove to be positive for Scottish suppliers.

Nevertheless, local, national and international businesses alike have been given a wake up call with regards to the importance of traceability. The necessary level of visibility and control of your supply chain can be achieved in partnership with ourselves at RAD Software. Our industry expertise and powerful software solutions can help you rest easy.

Whether you want to move at a trot or a gallop, we’re ready to work to your timetable and arrange a relaxed demonstration of how the Epicor ERP enterprise resource planning system can work for you. Call us on 0141 776 4200 or visit us at http://www.RAD.co.uk.

Is ERP software a worthwhile investment for small businesses?

The answer, of course, is ‘it depends’.

As this Appstech article states, there are some approaches to operations that businesses of all sizes can benefit from; standardisation, collaboration,visibility and efficiency.

ERP software implemented in line with the goals of the company in partnership with consultants who understand the specifics of the industry in question can help build a systematic approach to these areas.

Nevertheless, for the smaller enterprise it is all the more crucial to keep expenditure under control, lest the operational benefits established are eroded by unsustainable costs.

At RAD we advise Scottish manufacturing companies of all sizes on both the benefits of ERP and the need to thoroughly project manage any new implementation or selection process. Smaller companies are not immune to the improvements that can be made with the right mixture of IT, support, training and ambition.

If you would like to learn more about RAD Software, the Epicor ERP system we provide or confidential, neutral advice on how best to navigate your ERP selection process, write to us at info@RAD.co.uk, give us a call on 0141 776 4200, or use the contact form on http://ww.RAD.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

Scotland’s manufacturing heritage in living colour


The Daily Record today published a great feature on industrial advertisements from what can perhaps be considered one of the golden ages of Scottish manufacturing. These colourful trade advertisements give a window into a world where Scottish quality and innovation were celebrated.

As we look towards 2013 it seems clear that though our advertising has become less grand, there are still very many companies seeking to develop new products, refine traditional methods and push forward.

Of course, some things are better being confined to the past. If you are thinking about leaving your Enterprise Resource Planning system in 2012, or want to take a fresh look at what the Epicor ERP system we provide can do for you, we’re happy to hear from you.

From all of us at RAD Software, we wish our clients, friends, partners and supporters the very best for the coming year!

‘Small Manufacturers Aren’t Little Versions Of Major Manufacturers’

Mike Collins has an interesting article over at Manufacturing.net on the topic of how standardised systems of continuous improvement can miss their mark when applied without regard to the size and operational specifics of an organisation.

As Mike outlines, process improvement programs can fail for a variety of reasons;

• “Management perceives that the cost of implementation exceeds the expectant results.
• Tools and programs are viewed as too complex and requiring extraordinary amounts of indirect labor hours.
• The manufacturer is told they must swallow the whole banana bunch (continuous improvement program) to achieve results rather then get incremental results.
• Smaller manufacturers are told they can use the same program used by Toyota or Caterpillar, no matter what shape their systems or resources are in.”

At RAD we only partner with manufacturing, wholesale and distribution organisations that can achieve real benefits from our approach to Epicor ERP software, services and support.
With frequent news headlines about others in the marketplace over-selling ERP packages, and the danger of lip service trumping practicality with regard to continuous improvement initiatives, we’re happy to stand apart.
Our software, services and support fit the needs of your enterprise, not the other way around, bolstered by consultants who know the demands of Scottish industry. By tailoring solutions to your company, with only the ERP modules you need to succeed, senior management and shop floor staff alike benefit from a clear picture of what kind of ROI they can expect.

In the Manufacturing.net article, Mike rails against ‘priesthoods of people who make systems more complex, harder to use, and more very expensive’. IT systems and, more specifically, Enterprise Resource Planning systems must serve the needs of the company and make things easier, more efficient and more cost-effective.
If you would like to discuss how RAD Software and the fully integrated Epicor ERP system can fulfil such a role, call us on 0141 776 4200, visit www.RAD.co.uk or write to info@RAD.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

Fifteen years of RAD Software

Given that 2012 represents 15 years since RAD’s foundation, we thought it would be a nice idea to share some snapshots of a time gone by. Here’s a piece that appeared in Food Manufacture magazine back in May 2001:


We’re happy to say that Lightbody Celebration Cakes, part of the Finsbury Food Group, continue to be a RAD Software client.

As the article suggests, the company did go on to select RAD’s own Radio Inventory Bridge to serve as their shop floor data collection solution, allowing for immediate transmission of information through flexible bar-code technology and modern mobile handsets.

Our partnerships with Scottish manufacturing firms stand the test of time and with years of leading edge enterprise resource planning software, support and service expertise, RAD stands ready to partner with the next generation of Scottish companies through our next 15 years of growth and beyond.

Barr and Britvic merger; end of an era for a Scottish icon?


With recent reports that soft drinks giants Britvic and Barr are closing in on a merger, many in Scotland have expressed a sense of slight dismay that the producer of Irn Bru, Scotland’s Other National Drink, might have its Scottish identity diluted.

The market has responded positively with Britvic shares rising 28.4p to 357p while Barr advanced 7.9p to 423.5p. At these prices Britvic is valued at £863m, Barr at £494m with a total joint worth of approaching £1.4bn. Looking at the figures, it seems the public and private appetite for a merger is there.

Though we must wait and see to discover what form the merger will take, we can’t help hoping that the Irn Bru brand will continue to be regarded as a great ambassador for Scottish quality, heritage and good humour.

For more on RAD Software, our devotion to Scottish manufactuers and the Epicor ERP services and support we provide to the beverage industry, please click here.

How should manufacturers approach Enterprise Resource Planning training?


Training is an often under-scrutinised part of Enterprise Resource Planning projects. The functional capabilities of a chosen software solution are the most important features to account for in an ERP selection process but it logically follows that without the right approach to training, this functionality will never be fully utilised. At RAD Software, we take the time to develop comprehensive, tailored training structures that ensure your company is ready to hit the ground running and get the most from your business system.

It is especially important for manufacturing firms and their software support partners to never consider training as an afterthought. Assessment of existing staff knowledge and training needs not only gives an account of how the business operations are currently carried out, but allows for realistic time-scales to be given of when a system can be expected to be ready for use. A system is not live until its users can work with it in confidence!

There are financial costs associated with any ERP training project but perhaps the most important investment is that of time. With a new system, employees from across the business have to engage in learning new processes simply to do their jobs at the level they were at before. In-depth training and time devoted to managing expectations will minimise potential frustrations with change.

Staff must be brought on board at the very outset of the project; not briefed as an afterthought. With time, structure and focus, staff can be engaged, encouraged and equipped to go beyond the baseline to achieve fantastic new results.

“Old organisation + New technology  =  Expensive old organisation”

Any assessment of the cost of ERP must be made from a position that excludes unnecessary expense, delay and waste. Such costs can be kept down by ensuring that training meets the requirements of staff and by selecting a system appropriate to their sector that does not result in any arbitrary changes. An ERP system should fit the needs of a business and its associated industry, while staff maintain a forward-looking approach to improvement, efficiency and energy. Change should be rational, explicable and profitable.

With RAD, training is not a hidden cost or swept under the carpet but forms a fully developed part of any proposal. As a longer term proposition, training and exchange of knowledge should become an on-going aspect continuous improvement; getting the most out of both a new enterprise resource planning system, and your people.

The Epicor ERP system provided and supported by RAD is built for manufacturing firms from the ground up so you can be assured of a modular, scalable IT solution that works with your operations; not one adapted and compromised for ‘any industry’.

For more about the Epicor ERP system or RAD Software, Scotland’s leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning software and implementation services to the manufacturing industry, please see www.RAD.co.uk. For more on our training services, please see our page on ERP training.

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